What is Business Agility?


Business Agility software are enterprise-class platform specifically created to increase agile development practices. Thanks to it, companies can provide their equipment with an environment in which organizations will be able to: PLAN TASKS, ORGANIZE THEM BY PRIORITY AND MONITOR THEM synchronously. A centre for equipment with the objective of planning, prioritizing and work tracking in a synchronized cadence. Connect the development work with the commercial initiatives more important of our company. Measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with performance evaluations in real time.

Priorities based on data

Create your predictable delivery engine and obtain, in real time, an enterprise scale visibility of the derived advances

A quicker communication

Adapt your plans regularly, reduce release cycles and perform implementations smoothly

Clients more satisfied

Keep your promises and act quickly according to the clients’ opinion to meet their changing needs


The Product Owner assumes several roles, including: being a subject matter specialist, responsible for the task checklist, interlocutor with customers, etc. He represents an indispensable element in the agile team, as he mediates with developers and clients, prepares the so-called “story users”, helps the testers with regard to the acceptance criteria and plans the list of the tasks lists of the product development management. And, all of this, prioritising the treatment and point of view of the client over everything else and ensuring that the interests of the latter are aligned with all the decisions taken by the agile team.

The Scrum Master is the essential part of any agile team; his role is to manage the team itself, not the project. He/she ensures that team members focus their work on the scope of each task and adhere to established scrum workflows. At the same time, he provides guidance on best practices. In addition, using his experience and knowledge of agile project management, he eases the way and removes obstacles that may prevent the team from achieving its goals.

Despite beliefs, Project Managers are essential in the framework of Agile Project Management. According to the waterfall approach, the role of the project manager is to ensure that scope, cost, time and quality objectives are achieved. In the case of the Agile methodology, it is the whole team who is responsible for ensuring that these interests are met, while the Project Manager helps to achieve this goal, bringing to the team his full capacity and motivation to contribute to the achievement of a quality result in the shortest possible time.


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Our solutions model presents a wide offer of multidisciplinary services related to PPM with competitive prices that assure the quality, the optimal development times and the deployment of the solution. Our consultants have an extensive experience that allows them to identify the way to maximize the value that your PPM tool adds to your organization.

For the PPM and Agile Analysis and Consultancy Report we set up the following process:


 A PPM or Agility maturity evaluation is conducted, comparing leading practices with the client’s existing processes and systems, in order to determine the degree of maturity of their current Project & Portfolio Management or Business Agility capabilities.


Inputs are gathered from business executives, project managers, business analysts and other stakeholders to conduct the evaluation and drive the creation of a realistic roadmap to help the company move through PPM or Business Agility maturity.


As a result of the evaluation process, the client receives an Evaluation and Recommendation Report, both for PPM and Agile, which includes a proposed roadmap to improve the mastery of both the Project & Portfolio Management methodology and Agile.


We offer the possibility to conduct a FREE EVALUATION of the solution to all the professionals on the project management field that still do not know the PPM tool. For a trial period of one month, the interested users will be assisted by one of our consultants who will provide them with all the help needed to familiarize with the PPM tool leader on the market.

PPM and Agile maturity evaluation

Definition of a methodological implementation roadmap to accompany the company in improving its PPM or Business Agility competencies.

Consultancy Services

Our consultants have extensive experience that enables them to identify how you can maximise the value that your Project Management brings to your organisation.

Recommendations and advice

Tips and recommendations to ensure quality and optimal timing of development and deployment of methodological implementation

Request Evaluation Session

Get a detailed analysis of your organisation’s maturity level in both Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) and Agility