CA PPM is the leading tool of  Gartner reports in the last 14 years in the PPM sector. Reasons are to be found, on the one hand, in the efforts continuously made by the manufacture to incorporate the latest innovations demanded by users; and, from the other, in the full range of solutions ranging from the tool customization to suit each client working methods to demands, incidences and ideas management, financial management, IT services management, portfolio management, program management, project management, project teams management, time management, project risks management, resources management, requirements management and the automatic report generation for the different project stakeholders.

In short, it is a tool aligned with the main project management standards (PMI IPMA) able to respond the most rigorous client demand. Results are conclusive: 96 of the 100 most important companies, according to Fortuna magazine, are managed by CA PPM.

Similarly, the tool is operative in the cloud through CA PPM SaaS enthusiastically received by the market.

OdPe Business Solutions based its presentation on this question through its partner Dr. Rafael Lostado, in the context of the conference “Advanced tools for business and construction Project Management”. The conference took place in the conference hall of the Confederación Vallisoletana de Empresarios (CVE). The event was organised by: INSISOC and BPMSAT in collaboration with the CVE, AEIPROCOOATVA and AVEIN.

The event was attended by 100 people, among them company heads, members of professional bodies, AEIPRO associates and last year students from the Escuela de Ingenieria Industrial de la Universidad de Valladolid.

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