Technical development keeps removing work procedures and systems in organizations. Added value by PPM (Portfolio Project Management) to the development of your business goes further on the strategic alignment of the investments with the projects, or on the appropriate resources management, and even of the global visualization of the different business initiatives. Software supported PPM solutions are capable of helping us to transform businesses in a way in which from the organization management to the project teams, and the rest of stakeholders are in the position of creating new ways of collaboration between themselves which allow them to increase significantly their levels of productivity and improve organization efficiency. Among them, with no doubt, it stands out the development of the organizational competences. [1]

Organizational competences concept within project management has been widely developed by IPMA through its standard which deals with deals with “organizations ability to integrate and align people, resources, structures and cultures in projects, programmes and project portfolios within the business management system”. [2]

Therefore, a policy to introduce PPM in an organization is a guarantee assuring from the one hand, the successful and sustainable alignment among Strategic Plans, Control Panels, Project Management Office (PMO), Portfolio, Programmes and Project Management and the set of tasks performed in the organization; and, from the other, it stablishes the mechanisms by which the management system of each level can be evaluated, measured, improved and developed progressively. Without an appropriate digitalization process of the company, in our case, it means to use a PPM software to withstand the information flow which should be generated for the more appropriate decision making, it is frankly difficult to implement a PPM system.

This is the context in which future companies will operate. These organizations need professionals crediting their knowledge and experiences with PPM for their respective level of exigency. Certifications such as the 4L by IPMA or CAPM, PMP, PgM by PMI, or PRINCE2, among others. To be trained and certified is a guarantee of professional success and of reducing drastically the possibilities of being unemployed.

Autor: Rafael Lostado